An Ottawa Landmark

Meeting place, pastry, bakery and bistro-café.

Meeting place, bakery and café-bistro.

Moulin De Provence Display ImageLe Moulin de Provence boasts over 70 feet of display cases, filled with over 200 freshly created items. Le Moulin de Provence is known for its impressive array of baked goods. It is also a great place for a quick bite, or a to sit down with a group of friends.

Le Moulin de Provence has been preparing delectable treats in Ottawa since 1999. We use only fresh, all-natural ingredients in over 250 products. 50 staff work tirelessly everyday to fill over 70 feet of display cases.

The philosophy of “Le Moulin” is one of community. The open dining area and huge patio is a meeting place for anyone. Whether it’s a business meeting and full lunch or warming your hands over a bowl of soup, we welcome you to partake in the friendly atmosphere.

Take the time to browse our menu for more information about our bakery and the products we create. Then drop us a line, or call us at 613.241.9152 with questions or to place an order. We make beautiful cakes to order for any occasion: 365 days a year!

Moulin de Provence: Un Place de Rencontre

Nos boulangers et chefs pâtissiers partagent une passion avec ceux qui apprécient la pâtisserie fine et les produits préparés de manière traditionnelle. Cet engagement de qualité est évident dans chacune de nos délicieuses créations, faites à la main. Prenez le temps de parcourir la site web du Moulin De Provence pour plus d’informations sur notre boulangerie et les produits que nous créons. N’hésitez pas à nous envoyer une ligne ou appelez-nous au 613.241.9152 pour toute question ou pour placer commande.


  1. 6-8-2010

    je suis tres contant de manger des gourmandises francaise et international chez le moulin de prevence je veux bien me rendre une autre fois pour vous rendre visite a ottawa ,je suis un maocain et j ete tres contant d etre servis en arab et aussi manger de la nouriture tres specialement arab comme couscous et taboulet …cela m avais vraiment fait plaisir

  2. 9-28-2010

    I absolutely love the Moulin De Provence. The food is delicious. I’m from Toronto and everytime I visit Ottawa, I always make sure to get a pastry and caffe latte from Le Moulin. Excellent food!!!

  3. 10-2-2010

    I dream about the apricot brioche! This is restaurant is world class.

  4. 4-11-2011

    I am from DC and I love the Moulin de Provence products, I think the croissant are the best in town too bad that we don’t have that in USA because I will love to go there every morning and get fresh croissant and my French pastries too, every time that I am in town I go there I want to thank one of the Manager “Alice” you were right everyone liked the cake that you recommended to me (palais Royal) was great, the right choice thanks again!

  5. 6-11-2012

    I love this place and the fact that there is always good costumer service and that there’s young and efficient people, I love that they speak spanish there so I can order un cafe con leche instead of a cafe au lait :)

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